You've got to envision your idea beyond starting up, then lay a good foundation to build a future conglomerate.


Introducing Enterprise360

On the day a small business is founded it has to compete with established enterprises which have unlimited resources; financial, talent, technology and infrastructure. For the startup it is almost impossible to challenge for market share and each day is about survival.

But what if technology can multiply our effort and extend our competences?


Welcome to Enterprise360, an ERP system for small and medium businesses designed for scalability. Suddenly, you are the chief financial officer as much as you are the chief marketing officer and everything else in between. 

  • Admin360

    Administration is the glue of the business, it binds the different functions and ensures seamless operations. Enterprise360 takes care of admin, from the diary to filing, emails to policies and process; we've got you covered.

  • CRM360

    Keeping customer boils down to the experience they have with your business. CRM360 ensures visibility of the customer engagement all round.

  • Fin360

    Finance is the input and the output of the business. It all comes down to how you resource the business, manage costs and price for profitability. Fin360 helps you track your every dime, incoming and outgoing you know where is what.

  • HR360

    Business is its people, from hiring right to motivation the outcomes are driven by human capital. Managing schedules, performance, payroll, leave etc. is sorted with HR360.

  • M&S360

    It doesn't matter how good your product is, you need paying customers for the business to thrive. Keeping track of your marketing and sales effort should be your daily obsession.

  • Res360

    Resources are the balance sheet of the business; they are the source of revenue from which profit is derived. Enterprise360 lets you record all instances about resources such that you know the state of each at any given time.

  • Work360

    Operations are the heartbeat of the business, transforming inputs into products and services that customers want. Work360 is about recording and automating operations to enhance your operating margins of the business.

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Enterprise360 puts all your business functions in your palm. But it's not just the functions, it's the automated interactions that create customer value. Add to that the visibility and traceability of upstream and downstream activity aiding agile decision making and responsiveness.

Every day of business is full of instances from which the strategic direction of the business emerges. Capturing these instances into records and aggregating these into foresight that informs agility and creates strategic advantage is Enterprise360. 


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